Alice Waters

September 15, 2022

HERstory Highlight

Alice Waters is an American chef, restaurateur, and author.

Fifty years ago Alice opened Chez Panisse, a restaurant famous for its role in creating the farm-to-table movement.

She is known for pioneering cuisine that focuses on dishes driven by local and sustainable ingredients with an attention to seasonality and an emphasis on the bounty of the region.

“Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.”

Alice Waters

Gal Pal Highlight

Check out our special projects!

Such artistic flair on the aprons and chef hats – adorable!

 The girls loved observing and investigating a variety of seeds – oregano, basil, pepper, and tomatoes…all perfect for growing toppings for a pizza – Pizza Gardens! 

They also enjoyed using pipettes to measure out water while rehydrating soil discs. The tiny shovels were the perfect tool for scooping soil into garden rows. It was interesting to see how the girls tackled the planting – some created equal sections planted in columns while others were all about making patterns. It’s so fun to see how each of us viewed the best ways to arrange our gardens!  

The seeds are probably getting close to outgrowing the containers. These mini gardens can easily be replanted into pots or the ground to allow for more room. 

I hope planting and growing edible items and decorating chef hats and aprons has inspired an interest in cooking!

Curious Creators

🌸 If your daughter loved learning about Alice Waters, perhaps she will love figuring out her favorite things to cook! The girls are at a great age to lend a hand in the kitchen and take the reins with certain recipes. 

💡 Looking for some great recipe ideas? Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas and also a great platform for organizing, categorizing, and saving for later. 

🥘 Following a recipe involves counting, measuring, and fractions. Plus they’ll see the transformation of food states through heating and cooling. Helping in the kitchen expands vocabulary and understanding of food.

 ⭐️ My family loves cooking together! When my kiddos were little, we loved reserving Sunday evenings for learning a new recipe. We planned it out a week in advance and rotated responsibilities so everyone got a chance to learn how to be Head Chef and Sous Chef. A new recipe makes for an extra special family meal and family bonding experience!

 ❤️ Do you have recipe cards from grandparents or other special family members? Cooking and preparing these recipes with your daughter is such a special way to preserve family traditions. 

Orlando friends – Weekend Workshops.

🎉 There are two awesome weekend workshop opportunities in September. Come join in the fun!

 🦋 I’ll be at Monarch Learning Academy on Saturday, September 17th for a HERstory Highlight of author of Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery. The girls will create adorable miniature enchanted gardens…reminiscent of the gardens that L.M. Montgomery used to explore as a young girl. They will love the element of design while creating imaginary little lands using rocks, reindeer moss, soil, and a variety of enchanted garden accessories. The girls will enjoy choosing succulents, rehydrating soil disks, and using pipettes.

  🌱 I’ll be at the Jungle Room on September 24th for a HERstory Highlight of Evelyn Cheesman, the adventurous entomologist. The girls will enjoy creating two entomology themed projects– making insect houses & insect specimen displays. Such a fun fall activity!

  🌸 These workshops are designed to not only inspire a sense of wonder and promote observation and discovery, but to also teach the importance that everyone plays a role in protecting our natural world.

  📆 Check out our EVENTS page below for all the details on the upcoming events.

Space is limited. Be sure to secure your spot today!

More Great Books

📚 If your daughter loved learning about Alice Waters, or is a budding chef herself, she might enjoy these “Fanny” books. These chapter books are based on Alice Waters’ daughter, Fanny’s adventures in restaurant life – written by Alice Waters herself! Plus there are recipes included!

 Reading great books like these is a great way for your bright and curious girls to continue learning, making connections, and asking more questions!